Czech-Japanese Association

The Brave Samurai Perished in Battle

Věra Čáslavská has passed away.

Czech-Japanese Association has lost its charismatic honorary chairwoman, our hearts an exceptionally close and perceptive human being, millions of people around the world their icon.

The “Čáslavská phenomenon” was a unique aspect in Czech-Japanese relationship. Regardless of the regime’s shenanigans and approval or resentment of political representatives, Věra worked as a reliable anchor for over 50 years. In the eyes and hearts of Japanese people she was a living proof that it is impossible not to love Czechs, not to admire and cheer for them. Since the Tokyo Olymipcs until now. Not just due to their performance and charm, but mainly their nature and life, through which she provided a clear testimonial to the whole world.

Věra firmly believed she was a female samurai in previous life and knew what kind of commitment comes with it – and she didn’t boast her samurai sword lightly.

A phenomenal sportswoman in her body and soul, but also a fighter for truth and justice, she went head on even to seemingly lost battles throughout her life. It was no different in her last, the one with spleen cancer. She resisted proudly, and whenever possible with smile, despite the pain. Her resolve, willpower and joy of every moment were a lesson for all those with little faith. I am convinced even death had to take his hat off to her.

Robin Š. Heřman

A farewell ceremony was be held in Prague's National Theatre on Monday 12th September.

More articles about Věra Čáslavská will follow. At the same time, also by request of our Japanese friends, we have put up a condolence list, to which you may add your name and a message.